Controller mode quality of life: Mobile release backports

SiNKR is now on a whole bucket of mobile-ly devices from iPhones, iPads, to Android and Android TV. Itch players get the benefits of the quality of life updates. 

Version 1.1.12 Changes

  • Add simple undo last hook move. Backup a hook if you move it too far. Undo is available for the last hook move as long as no contraption interactions occur during the move, hook flipping, hooking, or puck pickups all invalidate the undo.
  • Menu audio theme is more consistent with the game play audio
  • Tweak level 23 (static kicker training level) to help reinforce the square / circle mechanic. Solution is basically unchanged.
  • Controller mode selection (DPAD and analog) automatically widens selection cone if the narrow, precise cone doesn't find a contraption to activate
  • Increase hit area of hooks that are grabbing pucks to allow easier hook flipping
  • Don't close main menu when pressing back after returning from game end scene when using a controller or remote
  • Controller mode ensures another reel is selected automatically when the currently selected reel is destroyed
  • Increase hit area of hooks to make them easier to flip with mouse and touch
  • Controller DPAD selection cone is narrower and allows for more precise selection similar to the analog stick, especially when pressing adjacent DPAD buttons. For example, pressing down (south) and left (west) at the same will point the DPAD selection cone south west.
  • Moved reset button from lower right to upper right corner of the screen to minimize accidental resets on touchscreens
  • Tweak solutions to levels 16 and 17
  • Close a solution to level 38 that bypassed the mechanic being introduced
  • Pucks immediately next to portal, kicker, and ratcheter exits will block other pucks from kicking. This allows a few new alternate solutions (level 52 for example)
  • Fix rare floating point bug that intermittently caused pucks to kick in the wrong direction
  • Tweak level 39 to close one trivial solution path

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